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How do we work

  • Step 1

    The investor undergoes the KYC procedure at the fund administrator

  • Step 2

    The Fund invests the funds received in outstanding Bordeaux wines, buying directly from merchants on the secondary market, as well as participating in En Primeur

  • Step 3

    The entire wine portfolio of the fund is insured and stored in the largest warehouse in Bordeaux-Bordeaux City Bond

  • Step 6

    The fund administrator sends the investor a quarterly report on the work of the fund

  • Step 5

    When a certain position of the target level is reached, the fund makes a decision to sell and looks for a buyer among wine trading companies, wine exchanges, professional stores, collectors around the world

  • Step 4

    The fund provides for dividend payments if there is a profit and there is no necessary number of attractive offers for reinvestment

What should everyone know before investing

  • Fund team has been working together for more than 15 years
  • Evaluation of fund wine portfolio by top Bordeaux Courtier
  • All the wine is stored in the excise-free Bordeaux City Bond warehouse in Bordeaux
  • Control by an independent fund administrator Circle Partners
  • Audit by Moore International
  • Lawyer services is provided by Harneys Londo
  • Bank account in the TOP 20 US bank Northern Trust

Fund characteristics

  • 100K €Min. investment
  • 8.0% €Targeted ROI
  • 5 YearsInvestment Period
  • September 2021Closing of the investment round
  • Management Fee from 1.5%Performance Fee from 15%Fees
  • € 20 mln. fund size€ 2 mln. invest foundersTarget Fund Size

Our team

Case Study

Auctions and wine critics are not the only forces impacting the price of fine wine but their influence could be significant.
What wine world says about us
Vina Tondoria S.A.María José López de Heredia

All we can say is that ever since we started working with Vinoterra they are passionate professionals and faithful supporters. They have worked with deep and persistent interest, very specially in a very modern and creative way, and have done a great job teaching Russian customers and wine lovers the soul and spirits behind Viña Tondonia. What else can one get?

Journalist, Wine CriticIgor Serdyuk

The declared target yield of 7% in euros is too attractive not to interest random people. Will their expectations come true? Approximately once every 10 years, it is still useful to ask the question who is drinking champagne now, and who is just listening to the sound of collapsing bubbles.

Director Premium Estates groupStefanie Lobner

Best fine wine importer in Russia. Endless hospitality for both, customers and suppliers. Top of the pops!

Owner Weingut Dr. Burklin-WolfBettina Bürklin-von Guradze

As being a long-term partner of Vinoterra we can only say that we really enjoy working together. Vinoterra is a very well structured and organized company with a deep expertise for German Riesling. We feel very well represented by all of you.

President of VDP, Weingut Christmann ownerSteffan Christmann

I have been watching the great development of Vinoterra for years. With the passion for great wines of the world, they succeeded in establishing a new dimension of wine in Russia and winning wine enthusiasts all over the country. Always reliable. Something I would not have thought possible.

Mass media about us

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Where to buy Fine Wine in Moscow

Just learn our wine map
  • The degree gallerySerpukhovskiy Val street 5, cellar, 1st floor (vinotheque)
  • Wine zoneBolshaya Ordinka street, 68 (vinotheque)
  • SeptaBolshaya Filevskaya street, 4 vinotheque
  • Boutique «Wine & Crab»Rublevo-Uspenskoe shosse, the 8th kilometer, 114, Barvikha village (vinotheque)
  • The 1st noseRozhdestvenskiy boulevard, 1 «The central market» (vinotheque)
  • Degoustage Vinothequeprospect Marshala Zhukova, 39. Korpus 1 (vinotheque)
  • ButlerTryohspudniy pereulok 15 (restaurant)
  • White RabbitSmolenskaya square, 3, 16th floor (restaurant)
  • SelfieNovinskiy boulevard, 31 TC Novinskiy passage6 floor 2 (restaurant)
  • Osteria UnicaBlagoveschenskiy pereulok 10, building 2 (restaurant)
  • SemifredoTimura Frunze 11, building 55 (restaurant)
  • Vinoterra vinotheque2-ya Zvenigorodskaya street 13/42
FAQFrequently asked question
  • How the investor is legally protected?

    The investor receives fund shares which are approved by Cayman regulator CIMA and are protected by international law. Fund Administrator is the independent international company with license that supervises fund and controls that fund’s activities are in accordance with fund memorandum.

  • How do you evaluate fund wine portfolio?

    We direct a list of wines from our courier portfolio that has the highest status in Bordeaux, allowing you to evaluate wines. Curtier collects the average estimate for wine based on prices received from leading Bordeaux negatiants. Then The fund administrator checks and verifies this estimate, and also calculates the NAV fund.

  • Can I buy fund shares from Russian Bank?

    Of course. To do this, you will only need to provide a signed subscription agreement and complete the AML KYC procedures with the Fund Administrator. The administrator will ask you for a number of documents, including a passport, utility bills, tax forms, etc.

  • Will there be any dividend payments?

    In case of a favorable financial result at the end of the year and liquidity, the fund managers may decide to pay interim dividends.

  • What happens when there is Force Majeure?

    All bottles of wine in our portfolio are insured and stored in a special warehouse in Bordeaux. Each investor, in accordance with its share in the capital of the fund, has the right to claim the assets of the fund in case of liquidation. Investors may contact the Fund Lawyer and the Fund Administrator to protect and return their investments in the event of deterioration of fund management or suspicious activity. All claims can be resolved in court in accordance with British law.

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